In 2015 I was responsible for sculpting and creating several elements of the Saks Fifth Fifth Avenue holiday windows. These elements included a frozen Colosseum, An icy Great Wall of China, snowy hills, and illuminated clouds.

For the clouds, I had the freedom to create different samples to present to the design team using sketches that they supplied as my primary reference of all the front six windows. The clouds needed to be weight bearing and were made using a plywood armature, foam for shape, and batting for a fluffy, light quality. before adding the batting, I embedded LED lights to add an inner, icy glow effect.

The Mannequins we received were initially hollow. The design team wanted the mannequins to be mounted from behind as opposed to above, which meant they needed to be filled with something that could add structure and hold a position for a month. The mannequins would also be clothed and decorated on site by the store dresser, requiring them to have internal strength and be weight bearing. The now structural mannequins were then attached using cantilever arms and metal supports.