In 2015 I was responsible for sculpting and creating several elements of the Saks Fifth Fifth Avenue holiday windows. These elements included a frozen Colosseum, An icy Great Wall of China, snowy hills, and illuminated clouds.

For the Colosseum window, I was in charge of developing sculpting methods for the floor and the CNC’d Colosseum model to make it appear to be covered in ice and snow. I was given a sketch from the design firm as well as drafting generated from a 3D model to guide me on the aesthetic. The brick pattern work was carved in using a rotary tool and winter effects added to the Colosseum using a wax with a high melting point to simulate ice, and synthetic snow for an added effect. The floor was created with foam and coated with plaster on top of a wooden base that broke into four parts to make for a speedy install. Further snow dressing was applied on site.